• Youtube Ads Promotion Geo-Targeted Promotion of Your Music through Youtube Ads (100% Monetisable Views)
    $ 40.00
    Music Blogs Promotion Distribution of Your Youtube Music Launch Release on Leading Music Blogs along with Social Media sharing
    Premium Press Release Distribution Distribution of Well-crafted Press Release on ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, and 250+ News Sites with your Youtube Track Embedded
    Email Marketing Email Marketing to Segmented list of DJ's, Labels, and Music Enthusiast (*Email to 20K subscribers usually gets up to 5K plays*)
    Exclusive Artist Interview Exclusive Featured Interview related to your Track
    $ 10.00
    Promotion through Instagram Influcners Your Music launch will be given a shoutout and story placement from Instagram Profiles having thousands of followers looking for new music (Each influencer shoutout gets up to 5-10K Plays)
    Exclusive PR Distribution on Yahoo Finance Distribution of Press Release on Some of the Biggest News Publication including Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Marketwatch, Digital Journal, etc.
    $ 200.00
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