Spotify Playlist Placement and Promotion Service

Spotify Playlist Promotion helps artists to pitch their track to hundreds of Spotify Playlist Curators having millions of followers and monthly listeners. Our Spotify Playlist Placement database consists of over 1500 playlists covering all major genre, we have managed over 1000+ artist’s Spotify Playlist Submission Campaigns driving million of real streams on all platforms combined)

TrackPromoters have over 7 years of experience in running Spotify Playlist Submission and Pitching Campaigns and we have developed some unique strategies to help your Track submitted to some of the biggest Spotify Playlists. Our Spotify playlist promotion packages offer the lowest prices in the industry. Our unique playlist placement strategies campaigns ensure that you get a fan following and high engagement for the long term. 

How Does Spotify Playlist Promotion Services Work?

Securing a place in the right Spotify playlist can be totally game-changer for any artist looking to increase plays and fanbase. The world is moving to audio-only platforms like Spotify. Thus, getting your track placed through the right Spotify playlist curators is utterly important. However, Without the Right Spotify Playlist Placement Strategy, it can get tough to get your track or album noticed by the masses. We Submit your tracks to them, once approved, they’ll add them to appropriate playlists depending upon the genre and ensure your music gets reach, plays, and likes they promise. 


Best Practices for Getting Spotify Playlist Placements

Spotify Playlist placement is an excellent way to convert your listeners to your followers. We help new artists with our Fully Managed Playlist pitching campaigns to Get Guaranteed Targeted Playlist placements on hundreds of playlists. Your music will be submitted to some of the most famous and reputed independent Spotify Playlist Curators. Once your song passes its basic norms, your masterpiece will be placed into various playlists in your genre.

Our Spotify Playlist submission Process consists of two parts:-

  1. Pitch your music directly to Spotify playlist Curators
  2. Pitching your Spotify song to Spotify Playlist Directly

How We Submit your Music to Independent Spotify Playlist curators?

Independent Spotify Playlist curators manage playlists on audio-platforms, These curators’ playlists have a strong following base on platforms such as Spotify. 

Cold pitching to thousands of Playlists can be a tedious task. This is because reputed Spotify curators get thousands of cold emails every day and grabbing their attention over email requires an artist to be extremely creative with the subject line and introduction. To increase the chances of success of your playlist submission campaign, Through Trackpomoter’s Spotify Playlist Placement services you can get access to a network of thousands of playlist curators and can pitch your music to some of the biggest Spotify Playlists directly 

Promotion through influencers: Our Exclusive network of Music Influencers collaborated with many social media influencers over Instagram who have a massive following of active music lovers. These influencers will promote your track which ensures that your track gets the hype it deserves and increases the chances of going mainstream. These influencers have already done the hard work of carving out an audience with their specific niche. whether it is bass, drum, techno, or any other genre

PR, blogs, and Magazines: Press Release sites, music blogs, and magazines can dramatic results in terms of exposure and audience growth for your Spotify Promotion. TrackPromoters have collaborated with hundreds of internationally renowned Press Release Distribution sites, music blogs, and magazines including biggest US News sites. Each of these PR sites, music blogs, and magazines are visited and read by thousands of music enthusiasts. 

Customize Your Promotion Package

Our Spotify Playlist promotion package is tried and tested by thousands of artists over time for Spotify playlist placement. We have collaborated with top Spotify curators, music blogs, news sites, and influencers for an all-in-1 Spotify playlist Submissions campaign for your Track

100+ Hip Hop Spotify Playlist Submission

100+ Rap Spotify Playlist Submission

100+ EDM Spotify Playlist Submission


Step 1

Submission Check

Our team of industry experts will listen to every submitted song and review them. If approved we’re ready to move on to the next step.



Step 2

Target Audience

We will plan your Spotify playlist promotion campaign based on the genre and mood of the song to get you the best possible results


Step 3

Playlist Pitching

After receiving your song from us, our curators will do the first Spotify playlist placements within 2-3 days.


Final Step

Promotion Report

You will receive a detailed playlist placement report, which includes all playlists and blog names, direct links to the playlists.


Paying Directly for Spotify Playlist Placements is strictly against Spotify terms. The Fees here involved is for us to represent you and your track to hundreds of Playlists, Usually we get 20-70% Success rate in Our Spotify Playlist pitching services. 

Once we start with Spotify Playlist placements and submission on your behalf, The success rate of your song addition to playlists somewhat depend on curators response to your Track, Below is an estimate on how many plays you can expect through Spotify Playlists promotion and Pitching services

We Provide Multiple Spotify Promotion Packages:

Spotify Playlist Pitching and submission on upto 100 Playlists 

Spotify Playlist Pitching and submission on upto 100-200 Playlists 

Spotify Playlist submission and pitch on upto 200-300 Playlists 

Spotify Playlist Submission and Pitch to 300+ Playlists = 25K+

Once you confirm the Organic Spotify Playlist pitching Service package, Your order will start within 24 hours time. If not, we will refund you the money, that's our word to you.

Spotify platform usually generates its statistics once per day at about 10:00pm EST, but it takes up to 4 days before you can notice the results in the number of plays, mainly with the brand new tracks. Spotify accumulates the plays and you’ll be able to see them in the next update. In a way, this will not just increase your status/plays bar, it will also increase the number of your monthly listeners and popularity. It is true that this helps you to create a better look and a good reputation, but it does help in the way that your songs show up in the search ranks, which increases the chances of becoming much more popular.


As all the organic Spotify promotion services we provide are 100% real, Hence, every activity we do is manual. Usually our Real Spotify Promotion Packages activities can bring upto 2K to 7K listens. It takes 2 Days to upto 1 Week to complete an order depending on the chosen package size. We also provide flexible delivery time period. Please let our customer support know if you want your order to be completed within specific timeframe. 

Yes, it is possible. But since all of the plays we deliver are legit, calculating the count for how much royalties you’ll earn is pretty difficult. In other words, Spotify does not provide a clear explanation regarding their royalty system.

Furthermore, if you wish to know more about how Spotify royalties work, you can easily check the information for Spotify artists.

In order to get your Spotify URL for your song you should follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Firstly go to your song on Spotify
  2. Then click on the button that has three dots (At right of the “play” and “save” button)

Lastly use the option: “Copy Song Link”

Totally! We can assure you on that. However, if you’re not sure, you can start by trying one of our small packages. We’re pretty sure that once you see the results you’ll come back searching for more. Try once and you’ll see.

Well, taking into consideration that with the enormous number of online artists it is quite difficult to get noticed, adds to the reason that you should choose the right promotion team. By choosing you’ll soon get your own music heard by real music listeners. The more the numbers on your track grow by our promotions, the more the number of the organic listeners will grow. That’s why there are multiple reasons why you should choose organic Spotify music promotion service like ours. For instance, we do have many years of experience in the music industry and online music promotion which adds to the fact that you should consider choosing us. We’ve been chosen by a large number of artists ever since 2013. We’ve managed to establish a great relationship with all of our clients.

We provide 100% refund to our customers in such cases, no questions asked.

To Pitch Your song to Spotify playlist We depend on various techniques including Spotify Playlist Submissions through emails, PR, Music Blogs, Influencers etc. 

Spotify Promotion Samples

Here are Few profiles we have worked with. 


I have actually lost count on the number of times I have hired them for Spotify playlist  Placements. Exceptional numbers as advertised and the promotion is mostly organic with real listeners and audience. As always, I will continue to hire them for all my promotional needs. 

John Doe

THIS IS AN EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE IN MY USE !!!! I got a great promotional and super performance for my artist. A lot of plays and real support, what else is needed? Thank you so much and I will use your service again, I will also tell all other managers about your Spotify playlist promotion services

Jazzie Jay

This is unbelievable! Very good service, give all the best for 100 percent and not very expensive. I recommend it to all artists and their managers, it’s very effective for your tracks - you get real streams, likes, reposts and support from them.
Love to work with

DJ Danies